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Digital TV Helps Your PC

TV is going digital. You see messages on the screen already about programs being available in HDTV. While we wait for those high definition televison sets to come down in price, you may be able to take advantage of those digital signals sooner than you think. A company called Geocast is lining up partners to use portions of those digital signals to send big chunks of data to a box that will hook up to your PC. It will filter out the information you don't want and store what you do. Geocast's Tom Paquin says video clips that would take forever to download over a regular Internet connection are just a mouseclick away...

"You can sit here and watch your news clips that the receiver has assembled for you and just kind of kick back and watch... and you notice it's broadcast quality video here. This is not your cheesey little low bandwidth video. You can just click and decide I want to go into my sports space and in my sports space here are the topics that I've declared myself to be interested in. So I want to see the football stuff, I want to see the basketball stuff....
Geocast plans to have the technology on the market next year for under three hundred dollars. It's storing the data on a hard drive and using the power of the PC to put you in control of what you want to watch and when...

"We want to get to the point where when you want've got it."

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