Digital Tributes Honor Virginia Victims

On Tuesday, pages on Facebook read: "angels," "godspeed" and "miss you already."

For many Virginia Tech students, this is where they go to mourn their friends: Facebook. Usually a massive digital yearbook, today it's a memorial site, CBS News correspondent Daniel Sieberg reports.

Some friends have written directly on victim's pages "A new flower is in heaven! … we will miss you, little belly dancer."

Another reads, "you won't ever be forgotten."

And this simple but powerful repetition: "I love you I love you I love you."

Click here for an interactive gallery of the victims.

Facebook says it's having its busiest day ever, with more than 500 groups where people can write goodbyes. One group alone has more than 118,000 members.

One site, a "moment of silence," was set up by Virginia Tech sophomore Mark Malloy.

Fellow student Sheri Pegram and others found comfort in these sites.

Facebook also has tribute pages where anybody can express their grief, and have from across the nation and around the world. There are messages from Singapore, India and Switzerland.

There are countless other sites with similar emotions: "rest in peace," "our hearts go out to the loved ones."

And it's not all print.

There are video eulogies online like this one at YouTube.

While these sentiments may be expressed in the virtual world, they can help those who have to carry on in the real one.