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Digital Maps in Your Pocket

DeLorme, which for years has been making the popular Street Atlas USA on CD ROM, has come up with a new pocket sized GPS receiver that works not only with laptop computers, but with handheld PCs too. Either the Palm or Windows CE devices. DeLorme's Amy Head...

"We've made maps more mobile and portable than ever before because you can now download very, very detailed maps to your Palm Pilot and also list other information like places to go and places to eat and to stay."

The little GPS receiver, Earthmate, pinpoints where you are by receiving satellite signals.

"It basically learns where it is based on those satellite signals."

The price for the receiver and software...about 200 dollars. Another digital mapping company, Etak, can give you real time traffic information on the new wirelessly connected Palm VII. Etak's Craig Lynar...

Etak has built a whole traffic capture system that is installed into Metro Networks around the country. Metro Networks is one of the largest providers of traffic information.."
The software lets you tailor traffic reports to your commute. Fortunately for those of us in radio, they don't recommend you look at the screen while driving.

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