Did Popular Anchorwoman Elena Skordelli Help Murder Her Boss?

(Personal Photo)
NICOSIA, Cyprus (CBS/AP) Cyprus police have formally pressed murder charges against popular news anchorwoman Elena Skordelli in the suspected contract killing of the island's most powerful publisher, Andy Hadjicostis.

Photo: Elena Skordelli.

Prosecutors on Feb. 5 charged Skordelli, her brother Anastasios Krasopoullis and Andreas Grigoriou with premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

The investigator said Grigoriou told police that Skordelli and Krasopoullis wanted Hadjicostis dead because they held him responsible for the TV host's dismissal from a TV station he ran.

Photo: Andy Hadjicostis.

Hadjicostis, the 41-year-old director of the Dias Media Group, was gunned down Jan. 11 outside his Nicosia home.

All three deny any involvement in the man's murder.

Police are seeking a fourth suspect believed to have fled abroad.

The trial, due to start Tuesday, was delayed because one of the defendants was admitted to the hospital, according to Fox News. The name of the defendant has not been reported.