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Did Methadone Contribute To Anna's Death?

Ford Shelley, the son-in-law of the American developer embroiled in an ownership dispute over the Nassau mansion where Anna Nicole Smith was living, said he found methadone in her bedroom refrigerator when he went to secure the estate following her death in Florida last week, the Associated Press reported Monday.

A private pathologist has said methadone contributed to the death of Smith's 20-year-old son Daniel in the Bahamas in September. Daniel Smith died while visiting his mother and newborn half-sister in a Bahamas hospital and an inquest into his death in the Bahamas is planned.

Anna Nicole Smith: The Latest Photos

Photos: Anna Nicole Smith

Photos posted on the Web site TMZ showed a white bottle labeled "Methadone" in an open refrigerator, purportedly belonging to Smith.

The nutritional supplement Miracle 2000, worcestershire sauce, yogurt and spray butter can also be seen in the photos. TMZ says they can 100 percent verify the authenticity of the photos.

Meanwhile, the Bahamian lawyer for Howard K. Stern, who claims to be the father of Smith's daughter, went to police yesterday accusing the couple's landlord of breaking into their home and staging the photos, the New York Post reported Monday.

"They staged photos, such as putting TrimSpa and Slim-Fast in a refrigerator to slight her," Wayne Munroe, told The Post. "It was like grave robbery."

According to the report, Munroe claimed landlord G. Ben Thompson — who was once Smith's lover — organized the break-in and staged the photos. Stern has filed for a restraining order against Thompson and his associates, the newspaper said.

Photos: Inside Anna's Final Hotel Stay
A lawyer for Thompson that any talk of photo staging was "a lie."

Ron Rale, a lawyer for Smith and representative of her most recent companion, Howard K. Stern, scrambled Monday to keep control over items he said were stolen from the mansion over the weekend, including images from a computer taken from the house.

Rale said anyone who disseminates the items without his prior
written consent "will be held liable to the fullest extent of the
law." Rale said police have recovered all the missing property.

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