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Did Lohan Wear Nail Polish Message to Court?

Lindsay Lohan may have been at a loss for words following her sentencing in a Los Angeles courtroom, but could her fingernails have had the last word?

Lohan listened in tears as she was sentenced by Judge Marsha Revel to 90 days in jail, then 90 days in rehab, but her middle finger apparently carried the rebellious, expletive-laced message: F*** You.

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"Inside Edition" Chief Correspondent Jim Moret, who was in the courtroom, said on "The Early Show" Wednesday he didn't easily notice the words in the starlet's fingernail polish.

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Moret said, "You could see it on a telephoto lens. Look, she's 23 years old, turning 24, tonight is her birthday celebration, believe it or not. I don't think it was done intentionally to thumb her nose at the judge or the system."

He continued, "I don't know that she was trying to send a message to the judge. I really believe she was shocked yesterday. I believed her tears. She's an excellent actress, but I don't think she was acting. I think she was stunned and contrite."

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