Dickerson on what we learned from Oval Office exchange with Trump

Dickerson on Trump

WASHINGTON -- President Trump's interview with John Dickerson on "Face The Nation" generated plenty of buzz.

4/30: President Trump

One peculiar moment occurred when the two were speaking in the Oval Office. Dickerson asked Mr. Trump whether he turns to President Obama for advice on how to handle the tough decisions a president needs to make. 

Mr. Trump then brought up his accusations that Mr. Obama had ordered Trump Tower wiretapped during the campaign, something the FBI director disputes.

When Dickerson pressed the president on those allegations, Mr. Trump said, "You can take it the way you want. I think our side's been proven very strongly." He later ended their conversation.

On the "CBS Evening News" Monday, Dickerson spoke with Scott Pelley about that exchange.

"We learned that he still thinks President Obama is to blame for surveillance of his campaign, even though the FBI director and others have said there was no support for President Trump's previous claim that the Obama administration had wiretapped Trump Tower," Dickerson said.

"We also learned to identify when the president has had enough," he said.

Watch the video above for more of Dickerson's reaction to the exchange, as well as Mr. Trump's promise to not touch Medicare.