Dickerson on new polls, town hall debate format

(CBS News) Tuesday on "CBS This Morning," CBS News political director John Dickerson, touched on some critical poll numbers and issues to look out for ahead of the second presidential debate.

Citing a USA Today-Gallup poll of likely voters that indicates Romney is gaining a four-point lead over Obama in twelve swing states, Dickerson said the Obama campaign is taking issue with the poll.

The president's campaign is specifically calling out "the screen they used to determine what a likely voter is" and "just basically disagree with the poll," Dickerson said.

Dickerson also said that Romney's campaign claims their candidate's favorability among women voters is on the upswing, and credit his talk of facilitating bipartisanship as Massachusetts governor during the last debate for the shift.

Looking ahead to Tuesday night's debate, Dickerson said the town hall format could work in either candidate's favor. Watch the video above for more from Dickerson.