Dickerson: Campaigns still raging behind the scenes

(CBS News) While both presidential candidates have been sidelined from the campaign trail due to Hurricane Sandy, with only one week until Election Day, the campaigns are still waging battle "under the table," CBS News' John Dickerson said.

"Both are very sensitive, they don't want to look political at this moment. But the campaigns have been kicking themselves under the table since this thing started... with a big rolling fight in Ohio over the auto bailout. Campaigns are still going on they just don't want to let it bubble up to the surface. By tomorrow morning we'll be back in full swing here. This is a frantic moment for both campaigns so they want to get this pause over fast."

Dickerson said he expects both campaigns to be up and running tomorrow.

"Public pause will probably start to end at the end of today and both campaigns will be fully back up tomorrow although comments will still be moderated a little bit. The assessment is they lost some time on the campaign trail.... In terms of early voting, the key thing to watch is in Ohio because if people aren't able to vote in those early voting places, that's one day lost in that crucial race to bank those votes early."

The storm is symbolic of the larger message of the presidential race, Dickerson said.

"This is about the role of government, what it's for, whether there's enough money to do the job it's supposed to do. It's a serious question of what we ask the federal government to do. Are either camps going to take that and try to make an argument about it on the stump. It doesn't seem that's going to be the case. Basically want the storm to be done with and they'll go back to the closing arguments."