Diana Crash Was Driver's Fault

The death of Princess Diana was an utterly ordinary accident, reports CBS News Correspondent Richard Roth.

French judges say driver Henri Paul was drunk and taking anti-depressant drugs. When he left the Ritz hotel and got behind the wheel, he simply lost control.

And while Dodi Fayed contributed to the crash by ordering Paul to drive, legally, the boyfriend's not to blame.

Neither are the paparazzi -- the nine photographers and motorcycle driver who were chasing the famous couple.

The French investigation finds there may be moral questions about their behavior, but no basis for any criminal charge.

Jean-Marc Coblence, lawyer for one of the photographers, says, "It's like a nightmare. You wake up and it's not there anymore, but you just can't believe it."

The two-year criminal investigation may be over, but it leaves some mystery.

A small white Fiat sideswiped by the speeding Mercedes just before the crash in the Paris tunnel has never been found. And the French judges' report is no satisfaction at all to Mohammed al Fayed, owner of the Ritz and Dodi's father.

Laurie Mayer, a spokesperson for Al Fayed, says: "He believes firmly still that there was a conspiracy and that in some way the presence of the paparazzi and the chase were used as a cover for what happened."

Al Fayed plans to appeal the official findings. The legal fight could go on for years.

In London, Diana's already being called the "forgotten princess." There is still no monument to her memory except the flowers and notes visitors continue to leave outside her palace.

But as all that fades, it now could be a series of lawsuits over the details of her death that helps to keep her memory alive.