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DHS: No Credible Threat Information Targeting Inauguration

469980 The Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies have released a bulletin reminding local law enforcement (as if it wasn't already crystal clear) that the inauguration could present an enticing target for potential terrorists.

But the bulletin states that there is currently no credible threat information related to the Jan. 20 event.

The DHS has no plans to adjust any of the national threat levels but is reminding the public to remain vigilant.

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The Secret Service also announced on Wednesday that bridges connecting Northern Virginia to Washington, D.C., will be closed to most traffic on Inauguration Day and a 3.5 square miles corridor of the nation's capital will be shut off starting on Jan. 19, the day before the Inauguration. The security perimeter is larger than what has been cordoned off for previous inaugurations.

Estimates have varied over the last few weeks, but officials expect two to three million people to cram into Washington to witness Barack Obama taking the oath of office.

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