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Fire at Dallas Fort Worth airport causes ground stop

A fire at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport's fuel farm on Friday morning caused the Federal Aviation Administration to issue a ground stop at the airport, officials said. Flights resumed early Friday afternoon, the FAA said.

The airport tweeted that the fire had been put out and the affected pump was shut off. After performing safety inspections, the airlines' fuel contractor "restored operations at their facility, and they are in the process of sending fuel to aircraft," the airport said.

"It will take some time to get fueling operations back to normal," the airport said. "Travelers should continue to check with their airline for flight updates."

During the ground stop, all inbound flights were being held at their departure airports, the FAA said in a statement.

American Airlines, the carrier with the largest presence at the airport, told CBS News that the ground stop affected arriving and departing flights.

As of late Friday afternoon, flights in and out of the airport were still seeing delays, according to FlightAware.

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