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Detroit Precinct Shooting Update: Gunman Lamar Moore Was Suspect in Sexual Assault

Detroit Precinct Shooting Update: Shooter Suspected in Girl's Kidnapping, Still No Motive for Gunfire
Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee addresses the media (WWJ)

DETROIT (CBS/WWJ/AP) Lamar D. Moore, the gunman who was killed Sunday after  injuring four officers in a Detroit police precinct, was being investigated in the kidnapping and sexual assault of a teenage girl before the shooting occurred, according to news reports.

Moore, 38, walked into the 6th precinct around 4:20 p.m. Sunday with a pistol grip shotgun and opened fire, and police are still trying to piece together a motive.

An official close to the investigation said that shortly before the shooting a runaway girl escaped Moore's home, got help and police were then notified, according to The Detroit Free Press.

On Monday, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Goodbee said four officers were wounded, but they did not have life threatening injuries. Commander Brian Davis and officer David Anderson were reported in stable condition, while Sergeant Ray Saati and Sergeant Carrie Schulz were both treated and discharged, CBS affiliate WWJ reported.

There was speculation Monday that Moore was upset about his brother, Venson Hibbit, who was about to be sentenced in a double-homicide case, but officials have not indicated whether the kidnapping allegations or Hibbit's sentencing had anything to do with the shootings.

"We can't speculate as to motive," Godbee told WWJ. "I mean, there's nothing in this that makes sense at all."

Paula Hodges,a spokeswoman for Moore's family, said police did what they had to do, but the family is trying to figure out what set him off.

Godbee said security video of the event shows "heroic" acts. He said he plans to release the footage for public viewing, reports WWJ.

"The eyes of the world are really on the incident," said Godbee. "So, to the extent we can learn lessons from this; to the extent we can show the heroism of our officers, and just how well-trained and what they did under pressure, I think that it's a story we need to tell publicly."

January 24, 2011 - Four Detroit Police Officers Shot at Precinct, Gunman Killed, Says Chief