Derrick Estell Manhunt: Ark. inmate escapes jail by climbing through window

(CBS) HOT SPRINGS, Ark. - Officials in Garland County, Ark. say they are searching for a man who was caught on video escaping jail by jumping a counter and sliding out a window, CBS affiliate KTHV reports.

Officials say Derrick Estell, 34, conspired with other individuals to distract deputies in order to escape from the Garland County Detention Center Sunday afternoon.

Police say William Harding, 58, was taken into custody for allegedly assisting in the escape. Officials say he began talking to deputies in order to divert their attention and have them go to the other side of the booking room to look up answers.

Once deputies were away from the booking area window, Estell jumped the counter and ran out the door. A woman, identified by police as Tamara Upshaw, was reportedly waiting in the parking lot for Estell with the passenger door to her car open.

As she drove away with the escaped inmate, a deputy tried to bust out the passenger window, but was unsuccessful, authorities say, according to the station.

The getaway car was found abandoned a few minutes later by police in Hot Springs.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Upshaw and police say they have reason to believe that others were involved in the planned escape. At this time, those names are being withheld until information is confirmed and more arrest warrants are issued.

This isn't the first time Estell led police on a manhunt. In March, he allegedly stole a vehicle, wrecked it and then broke into a nearby home where SWAT was called in for negotiations, the station reports. He was eventually arrested.

According to the station, at the time of his escape, he was being held on 26 different charges including aggravated robbery, burglary, theft, breaking and entering, and fleeing.

Police say Estell and his accomplice should be considered armed, dangerous, and extremely aggressive. Anyone coming in contact with them should use extreme caution and notify police immediately.