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Department of Homeland Security raises shoe bomb concern with airports

The Department of Homeland Security has in the last 12 hours has put out an advisory to airlines to be aware of new chatter about explosives in shoes.

While not a new threat, there is a renewed threat stream about terrorists attempting to carry explosives in shoes. Officials tell CBS News no direct threat has been made, but the chatter was enough to cause feds to issue a warning to airlines and security officials worldwide for America-bound flights.

Increased security is likely in terms of more pat downs and checks of shoes.

Homeland Security says the alert was put out under an “abundance of caution.”

It warns of other possible hiding places too: liquids or cosmetics.

Screening for shoe-based explosives has been routine at airports since 2001, when Richard Reid tried to detonate a shoe bomb on a flight from Paris to Miami.  He is now serving three life terms without parole, but terrorist groups are still trying to perfect that kind of attack.

Just two weeks ago airlines faced a similar warning that focused on possible explosives in liquids or in toothpaste tubes, but that alert centered on flights inbound toward Russia, and possibly the Olympics. This new alert is for the United States and not thought to be connected to the Olympics.

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