Dentist Ditched

Sterling Clark
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It's been decades since the Generation Gap was big news, but contestants on Survivor: Africa are giving the theme a very strong run for the money.

Episode 3 saw the ouster of 46-year-old Carl Bilancione, a dentist from Winter Springs, Florida.

The Samburu tribe had been deadlocked in a 4-4 tie vote, with older members voting for 27-year-old advertising account executive Lindsey Richter to leave, and younger members voting for Bilancione.

As neither tribe member had previous votes to count against him or her, and thus break the tie, both became the first Survivors to enter a Tribal Council Question-and-Answer round. In the end, Bilancione lost, leaving the Samburu tribe and seeming to shift, at least for now, the balance of power to its younger members.

Chat with Carl
You can chat with the latest ousted "Survivor: Africa" contestant, Carl Bilancione, today at 2:30 p.m. ET.
"Our tribe is split by a generation gap," reflected the bounced dentist, after his defeat. "We have four people in their forties with a sense of responsibility, and the others are just confused in their life. I am worried about that generation. I have no regrets."

The younger members might have been getting a bit of revenge, for a snide remark made earlier by Bilancione.

He and the three older members had been in the habit of getting up early to do chores, including starting the fire and fetching water.

Younger members complained about the early morning noise of the others' chores, prompting Bilancione to snap that if he didn't go get the water, it wouldn't get done.

Well, we'll see about that, on Episode 4.

For those interested in more substantive combat, there were lions - real ones - more reality than some of the contestants had expected.

Boran Tribe members shook tin cans and screamed "Go away!" at lions peering through a thorn fence at the would-be Survivor winners.

"It made my blood run cold," said Boran Tribe member Lex van den Berghe, a Californian whose last job was as an Internet marketing director. "We went into this thing knowing it's going to be tough, it's going to be cruel, but we never really considered it was going to be quite that real."

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