Dennis Quaid says cocaine was his biggest mistake

Actor Dennis Quaid pauses while answering a question during an interview with the Associated Press in Washington, Monday, April 12, 2010. Photos: Dennis Quaid
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Dennis Quaid says cocaine was his biggest mistake
Dennis Quaid
AP/Cliff Owen

(CBS/AP) NEW YORK - Dennis Quaid says the biggest mistake of his life was getting into cocaine.

The actor tells Newsweek Magazine that he started when he got to Hollywood in the '70s when so many were doing cocaine. He also claims that cocaine use was part of movie budgets.

Quaid says he got so addicted his life became "a mess." He was sleeping only an hour a night.

It finally got to the point where he had what he called a "white-light experience," which made him realize he'd be dead in five years if he didn't quit. He says he checked himself into rehab the next day.