Denmark To Iraqi: Choose Between 2 Wives

Iraq Flag and map with two brides.
An Iraqi man granted asylum in Denmark after working as an interpreter for Danish troops has been told he can remain married to only one of the two wives he brought to the Scandinavian country.

The Justice Ministry said Monday the man has four weeks to choose. But as both women have been granted asylum in Denmark as well, neither would need to leave the country.

"It is not legal in Denmark to have two spouses," said Malene Vestergaard of the Department of Family Affairs. "We are giving him some time to think about this issue and decide which one to keep."

The Iraqi man, who was not identified, worked as an interpreter for Danish troops in Iraq, who were withdrawn last year.

He was among the more than 370 Iraqi civilians granted asylum in Denmark because they were considered at risk for work that they, or their relatives, had done for the Danish contingent.