Dems Teaching Iowans How To Caucus, One Video At A Time

Remember that somewhat endearing/slightly awkward Hillary Clinton "how to caucus" video for Iowa voters? Well, now John Edwards has one of his own – and it's just as cheesy as its predecessor.

The seven-minute video opens with the story of "Joe," an Edwards precinct captain, who wakes up excited on Jan. 3. He's high-fiving the other volunteers! He's recording the Orange Bowl! He's bringing homemade bread for the undecided voters! You get the idea. There is also another precinct captain, "Jane," who excels at going online, smiling, and reminding voters how electable John Edwards is.

As the AP notes, "In the video, precinct leaders are told how to carve out a section of the room for Edwards backers, and it describes the initial candidate preference breakdown and the scramble that can follow... Once those attending a caucus break into their initial preference groups, it's common for a spate of intense negotiations to break out between backers of the candidates who don't get 15 percent support and with the backers of those that do in a process that can be intimidating to those who aren't familiar with it."

That's why this video may be your only opportunity to see an animated slide trumpeting "VIABLE GROUPS!" Click the video box above to check it out.