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Dems Still Mum On Stevens

It's rare that Sen. Chuck Schumer would pass on an opportunity to bash a Republican senator he's trying to unseat.

But Schumer -- and just about every other Democratic senator for that matter -- has done just that when it comes to Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, who was convicted Monday by a federal jury.

Asked whether he thought Stevens should resign, Schumer said he wasn't really commenting on the situation.

"I would say the fact that John McCain and Sarah Palin and Mitch McConnell say he should step down is something Alaska voters will pay attention to," Schumer said.

Schumer isn't holding back out of respect, mind you. This seems to be the universal Democratic strategy from Majority Harry Reid down to the rank and file. They don't need to pile on Stevens because they just want him to lose next Tuesday. If they're seen as piling on, it might backfire with Alaskan voters. And Republican leaders have already done the dirty work here, with McConnell calling on Stevens to resign.

So for now, Schumer is keeping his thoughts to himself.