Dems, GOP Nearly Tied in 2010 Money Race

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When it comes to the 2010 money race, Democrats and Republicans are neck and neck. CBS News added up the latest figures with the help of researchers from the Center for Responsive Politics.

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Here's what we found:

Total raised so far: $3.26 billion
  • Republicans: $1.404 billion
  • Democrats: $1.402 billion

More "outside spending" (excluding party committees) went to Republicans.
  • Republicans: $251.7 million
  • Democrats: $153 million

Democrats raised more party committee money.

  • Democrats: $587.2 million
  • Republicans: $497.79 million

Republican candidates raised more money.

  • Republicans: $1 billion
  • Democrats: $810.46 million

How does it all compare historically? This is already a record for midterm elections, and the money spent is expected to approach or surpass $4 billion.

The all-time record for money spent in an election cycle is the 2008 presidential election, in which $5.3 billion was spent. Just 12 years ago, in 1998, only $1.6 billion was spent.

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    Sharyl Attkisson is a CBS News investigative correspondent based in Washington.