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Dems Blast McCain Over Cox Statement

Senate Democratic leaders blasted John McCain for calling for the firing of SEC Chairman Christopher Cox on Thursday, calling it “typical subterfuge” from the Republican presidential hopeful.

“This is typical McCain-style politics,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. “Go after the first person you can to divert attention from your failures.”

Speaking at a press conference, Senate Democratic leaders all hammered McCain for supporting the policies of deregulation President Bush has favored over the last 7 years, which the Democrats believe led to the current financial meltdown.

“Instead of firing Cox, McCain should explain how his policies differ from President Bush on this issue,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer. “And if not, maybe he should ask that Bush be fired, instead of Cox.”

Reid even took it a step further.

“Maybe [McCain] should ask Phil Graham to be on the SEC,” Reid quipped, referring to the former senator and McCain economic adviser, who stepped down from his official campaign duties after he said people suffering during the latest economic downturn where “whiners.”

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