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Democrats Kiss And Make Up

Democrats held a shotgun wedding on Tuesday. The governor of Maryland appeared with the president, CBS News Senior White House Correspondent Scott Pelley reports.

Just last month, Governor Parris Glendening said he could not be seen with Mr. Clinton. But, with three weeks to go before Election Day, many Democrats are sliding in the polls. The party has decided to gamble on unity. In Maryland on Tuesday morning, they were gorging on crow.

"A very, very special welcome, a warm welcome to our president, President Clinton," Glendening said. The governor and the president appeared together at a school in Silver Springs, Md.

What a difference a poll makes. Glendening is slipping among voters and needs Democratic fund-raising. He is one of many Democrats who are now calculating that unity their best chance at survival.

Just four weeks ago, party leaders castigated Mr. Clinton for legal hair splitting. Listen to them now.

"I say we put our futures in the hands of this administration, this president and the Democrats in Congress," said Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle.

This is uncharted territory. No party in American history has faced the voters at the same time its leader faces impeachment. That may leave the party with an ethical dilemma.

On Monday night, Mr. Clinton raised $1 million for Brooklyn Congressman Charles Schumer - a member of the House committee that will vote on impeachment. Schumer is running for the New York Senate seat held by Republican Al D'Amato.

"I have already said that the president would be censured and not impeached and people will have to judge that on its merits. That's how I make decisions. That's it," Schumer said prior to the fund-raiser.

The party is still wary of how much Mr. Clinton stands to hurt candidates in much of the nation. One top Democrat and adviser to Mr. Clinton said the best thing the president can do to elect Democrats is to raise money and stay out of their districts.

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