Demi Moore seeking treatment for "exhaustion"

Demi Moore
Demi Moore
Prakash Mathema/AFP/Getty Images

Actress Demi Moore was reportedly rushed to a Los Angeles emergency room earlier this week.

Her spokesperson blames exhaustion, saying the decision is due to the stresses in Moore's life.

"Because of the stresses in her life right now," a statement read, "Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health."

But the hospitalization may really be due to something more dangerous. Celebrity website TMZ reports the actress had been rushed to a Los Angeles hospital Monday night and underwent treatment for substance abuse.

Moore split from Ashton Kutcher, star of "Two and a Half Men" back in November after some very public allegations of cheating on Kutcher's part.

Demi Moore hospitalized for substance abuse, TMZ reports

Pictures: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

Moore has hardly been in hiding, appearing on the red carpet numerous times in recent months. But the public face of the actress that seemed to never age has been changing of late.

"Her appearance has been rather alarming over the past few months, she really lost a significant amount of weight, and she's been very upset about the demise of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher," Melanie Bromley, of Us Weekly, told CBS News. "It's been something that's really affected her."

For more on Moore's condition -- including how she will be treated by doctors and what could possibly have led to her hospitalization -- watch the video in the player below with Howard Samuels, a psychotherapist who specializes in treating people addicted to drugs and alcohol.