Morehouse investigating allegations of "predatory" sexual misconduct against assistant dean

Morehouse investigating misconduct allegation

Atlanta — An assistant dean at Morehouse College is under investigation for sexual misconduct. Students posted their complaints on social media and one said officials at the school ignored his allegations.

Michael Key's tweeted allegations rocked all-male Morehouse College. In the post, Key accused DeMarcus Crews, an assistant dean and student housing director, of repeated unwanted touching — including pinching — and sexual comments. 

"He always targets freshman. I see it every day and it just sickens me," Key said. "It is very predatory." 

Key said Morehouse never followed up when he complained in January of 2018.

Another Morehouse student retweeted Key's allegations with his own complaints. Morehouse put Crews on unpaid administrative leave and said it's investigating.

Key complained through the Department of Education's Title IX office. It has 372 ongoing investigations into sexual harassment and sexual violence on college campuses nationwide. 

One case involved Robert Peterson, a former Morehouse sociology professor. A student complained that Peterson gave him alcohol and groped him on a school trip to Brazil in 2015. He's angry with Morehouse too, but wants to remain anonymous.

"They were aware of me getting sexually assaulted and they did nothing about it," said the student, who is represented by attorney Cade Parian. 

Peterson denied the allegations. But Crews did not respond to CBS News. Morehouse said it will "take the necessary action to protect the safety of its students." Meanwhile, Key left Morehouse and is looking for a new college.

  • Mark Strassmann
    Mark Strassmann

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