Delta Airlines Mixes Up Two Kids Flying Alone

Kieren Kershaw, 9, was mixed up with a girl on his trip to Boston. He was sent to Cleveland instead. The unidentified girl was sent to his destination.
Mix-ups sometimes happen. But one airline mistake landed two children in each other's destination.

Kieren Kershaw, 9, was one of those kids. He's now safe and sound with his grandparents near Boston.

However, Delta Airlines sent him on a kind of side-trip when they got him mixed up with another 9-year-old -- a girl.

On Tuesday, Kieren was flying alone from Spokane, and both kids had stopovers in Minneapolis. The mix-up sent the girl to Boston, and Kieren to Cleveland.

Kieren told CBS News, "Where she was I was supposed to be at, and where I was, she was supposed to be there. I was just shocked that they would really drop me off right there."

Delta eventually got both kids to where they belonged -- a few hours late.

For more on Kieren's story, click on the video below.

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