Defense Sec. Robert Gates plays a round of word association

Outgoing Secretary of Defense Robert Gates plays a revealing game of word association about the eight presidents he has served under

Defense Sec. Robert Gates plays a revealing game

Robert Gates is the ultimate Washington insider. He joined the CIA in 1966 and, except for a hiatus during the Clinton administration, Gates has held one high-level Washington post after another for decades: CIA director, member of the National Security Council, Deputy National Security Adviser, Secretary of Defense (under both George W. Bush AND Barack Obama!)

One fact is obvious: eight U.S. presidents have placed the utmost trust in him.

Watch Katie Couric's report.

Now, as his distinguished career inside the beltway draws to a close, Gates gives his unique perspective on men who have occupied the Oval Office. For "60 Minutes Overtime," Katie Couric challenges Gates to play a revealing game of word association, starting with LBJ and ending with Barack Obama. And to our surprise, Gates plays along...