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Defeating Terrorism

Today, we began another week trying to understand yet another terrorist attack, this time in Kenya.

Several weeks ago on this broadcast, I said that we can erect barricades and set up surveillance cameras and all the rest, but until we eradicate terrorism, the lifestyle we enjoy cannot survive. If eradicating terrorism meant committing U.S. troops to the Middle East for years or even re-instituting the draft, I said, then so be it.

My point was this: There is a difference in building defenses against terrorism and defeating terrorism, and that we have no choice but to aim for victory if our children are to lead the kind of lives that we have enjoyed.

As "The Washington Post" noted in an editorial yesterday, the terrorist attack in Kenya reveals a terrorist logic: By targeting American allies, they believe they can weaken the anti-terrorist coalition.

The "Post" goes on to argue that this tragedy underscores anew that there is simply no way to guard every resort in the world frequented by Westerners or every airport served by Western airlines.

To quote directly, "The battle against Al Qaida primarily must involve intelligence, police work and financial controls to break down its network, and an unflinching assault on the sources of Arab and Islamic extremism wherever they may be found," end of quote.

That is a lot harder than just defending against terrorism, but to me it is exactly right. This is going to be long and difficult, but we must stay with it and, for the sake of our children, never forget our ultimate objective.