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Wild video shows deer crashing through hair salon window in New York

Deer crashes through salon's window

A deer crashed through the front window of a hair salon in New York, injuring a customer, in an incident that was captured on video over the weekend. The animal smashed the glass window and hurt a woman waiting for her appointment at Be.You.Tiful Hair Salon in Lake Ronkonkoma, CBS New York reports.

Footage shows the deer breaking into the Long Island store, jumping over a couch and hitting a woman on Saturday afternoon. The animal ran around the salon until eventually finding its way out.

Workers and customers were heard screaming and ducking for cover while the deer looked for a way out. The animal plowed into the front door of the business, smashing more glass and escaping.

The woman who was injured was taken to a nearby hospital for head and leg pain.

Salon owner Jenisse Heredia was giving a haircut when the animal popped-in.

"I was just terrified. I just couldn't believe it was happening," Heredia told CBS New York."This is crazy. I've never seen a deer in this area."

Most of the mess had already been cleaned up by Sunday afternoon with a boarded-up window the only sign something went terribly wrong.

Edward Preuss was one of the people getting a haircut when the animal entered. "It was crazy. I've never seen anything like that in my life," Preuss said. "I mean it was running into walls, it was knocking over all of her equipment. It was bleeding all over the place."

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