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Debrahlee Lorenzana (PICTURES): "Too Sexy for Citibank" Hires Celebrity Lawyer Gloria Allred

Debrahlee Lorenzana (Carrie Schechter)

NEW YORK (CBS) Debrahlee Lorenzana, the 33-year-old who claims in a lawsuit that her bosses at Citibank told her they couldn't concentrate because of her sex appeal, has hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, according to a celebrity gossip site.

PICTURES: Debrahlee Lorenzana, Too Sexy for Bank?

RadarOnline reported on Monday that Allred has replaced Lorenzana's previous lawyer, Jack Tuckner.

"Debrahlee Lorenzana has been unfairly and viciously attacked in the media for having the courage to step forward and take a stand against blatant sex discrimination and retaliation because she complained about the sex discrimination that she was forced to suffer," Allred said in a statement obtained by Radar. "We feel very confident about her legal claims, and we have agreed to represent her because she deserves to be able to wage the most effective and vigorous legal battle possible."

Lorenzana claims in court papers that she was forced out of her Manhattan Citibank job because she was too gorgeous, according to The Village Voice. Lorenzana says she was subject to "improper comments" and was reprimanded for dressing too sexily. She said she was told by her bosses to tone down her wardrobe, according to the paper.

According to Radar, Lorenzana in a statement Monday said she retained the celebrity lawyer because she wanted "the best person" to represent her.

"Ms. Allred has been practicing law for 35 years. She and her law firm have won many victories for women in employment discrimination cases," Lorenzana said in a statement obtained by the gossip site. "I am thankful that she has accepted my case and has agreed to represent me."

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