Deanna Higgins (Pictures): Spring High School Teacher Charged for Sex with Student in Texas

(Spring High School)
Photo: Deanna Higgins.

SPRING, Texas (KHOU) Deanna Higgins, a teacher at Spring High School, has been charged with improper relations between an educator and student and sexual assault of a child.

In a letter to parents posted on the Spring ISD Web site, administrators say the DA accepted charges against Higgins on Monday.

Higgins, a science teacher, was placed on paid administrative leave in January 2009 after a third party brought the allegations to district officials.

"The Spring High School Administration and Spring ISD Police Department immediately began investigating the allegation after receiving a report from a third party," the letter reads.

Higgins was hired at the school in January 2008.

The letter also said a second teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave while a separate investigation is conducted.

"You may have heard rumors that another Spring High School teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave. It is true that a second teacher is on paid administrative leave while an investigation into a separate issue is in progress," the letter reads.

No other details on that investigation have been released.

Officials plan to send the letter home with students Tuesday afternoon.

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