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Dean Suggests Media's Sexism Hurt Clinton

On Friday we mentioned a pair of op-eds, including one from former vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro, suggesting that sexism has been directed towards Hillary Clinton during her presidential run.

Now Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean has taken up the argument, twice this weekend alleging sexism in coverage of the New York senator. Here's Dean – never, it's worth pointing out, much of a fan of the fourth estate – at Saturday's Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting:

Over the course of the primary there have been some tough disagreements and some ugly moments in this campaign. On the blogosphere, and the airwaves. Emotions have run high and heated discussions have led at times to blatantly racist comments and, blatantly sexist comments particularly by some members of the media. We know that those comments have no place in our society and certainly no place in our party.
And Dean on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday, after being asked about Ferraro's op-ed:
There has been an enormous amount of sexism in this campaign on the part of the media, including the mainstream media...there have been major networks that have featured numerous outrageous comments that if the words were reversed and they were about race, the people would have been fired....What you don't get over is deep wounds that have been inflicted on somebody because they happen to be a woman running for president of the United States.
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