Dean Norris talks "Under the Dome" and "Breaking Bad" ending

(CBS News) Dean Norris made the good guy look better on AMC's "Breaking Bad," and hooked viewers on this summer's newest CBS hit "Under the Dome."

The Indiana native and father of five chose to pursue acting after earning a degree in social studies from Harvard University.

"The lesson is follow your passion, and good stuff will follow after that," said Norris.

The actor played morally upright DEA agent Hank Schrader on the award-winning series Breaking Bad, which rallied what some critics call a "cult-like" fan base. Its final season airs this summer.

Norris feels the show inspired such a following because "'s perfect...Every little detail in that show is perfect."

His latest role is "Big Jim" Rennie on "Under the Dome." The corrupt politician is "definitely different from Hank Schrader" and "delicious to play" because "He has bad elements in him. But I think he's a really complex character, and he's a lot of fun to play," Norris told "CBS This Morning."

The so-called bad guy role on the big-time network marks a significant change for Norris, whose successful television career started on a small-time cable series, USA Today pointed out. Under the Dome is based on a book by Stephen King, directed by Stephen Spielberg, and broadcast by one of America's largest networks.

"When I got asked to do this show- Stephen Spielberg, Stephen King- you know, you got really two answers 'Yes' and "Yes, sir' on that one, right?" said Norris.

Under the Dome was the most watched TV series on the largest broadcast network this past Monday night.

"I think it's the idea that we really always are moments away from a crisis that would cause tremendous chaos...I think we all have this kind of boogey sense that civilization is this far away from just kind of falling apart," Norris offered, when asked why the show widely resonates.

Viewers can watch the small town struggle inside its supernatural prison Mondays at 10 p.m. EST and in season two next summer.