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Deadly Shootout On The Hill

Last Officer Laid To Rest Funeral services were held Friday in a Maryland suburb for officer Jacob Chestnut, one of the two officers slain in the Capitol shootout. John Gibson's funeral took place Thursday with both families in attendance.

An Extraordinary Tribute President Clinton and congressional leaders honored slain Capitol Police officers Jacob Chestnut and John Gibson Tuesday in an emotional ceremony usually reserved for presidents and military leaders. reports.

Capitol Gunman's Deadly Journey
CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart
traces the deadly journey of Capitol gunman Russell Weston from his home in Illinois to the Capitol building.

What Will Happen To Weston?
Accused shooter Russell Weston Jr. is hospitalized in stable condition, and he has been charged with a crime that can carry the death penalty. CBS News Correspondents Phil Jones and Sharyl Attkisson report.

Who is Russell Weston, Jr.?
Alleged gunman Russell Eugene Weston Jr. lived a life disturbingly similar to that of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. A recluse living in the Montana woods, Weston was considered a potential threat even before the Capitol shooting.

Weston's Parents: 'We're So Sorry'
From their small home in rural Illinois, the parents of accused Capitol killer Russell Weston are wrestling with guilt.

Who's Who
Brief profiles of those involved in the July 24 shootout on Capitol Hill.

Terrified Tourists Describe Shooting
The Capitol is one of the top tourist attractions and on July 24 it was filled with tourists, school groups and families when a gunman opened fire. Reports from CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson and CBS News Saturday Morning's Dawn Stensland.

Capitol Tourists Undeterred
Despite the bloodshed July 24, everything seemed to run smoothly at the Capitol building the following day. Tourists lined up just as they always ave in the past and CBS News Correspondent Thalia Assuras was there to gauge their reaction.

Gunman Thwarted Security
Recent incidents such as the 1995 shooting outside the White House and Oklahoma City bombing had led to greater security measures at Federal buildings, including the Capitol.

Sequence Of Events
It was a day that began routinely with the Capitol filled with tourists and Congress in session. Violence unfolded with blinding speed on the afternoon of Friday, July 24.

Shootings in Congress
Congress has long been a target for acts of violence. Here is a look back at past shootings on Capitol Hill.