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Dead man gets text, alleged drug dealer gets caught

Krystal Stewart, 25 CBS Sacramento

(CBS) FAIR OAKS, Calif - Sacramento police were led to an alleged drug dealer after she texted a man who had just died.

CBS Sacramento reports police went to the house of the 26-yearold Glenn Chesbrough after someone called 911 to report finding the body. They say it appears he died of a drug overdose.

The alleged dealer, 25-year-old Krystal Stewart, texted the man, not knowing he had just passed. Deputies were in the Chesbrough's home, and when they saw the message, a meeting was set up.

"It was an offer to exchange money for drugs," Deputy Jason Ramos said. Police say Stewart offered 20 Vicodin pills for $60.

Police responded back to the text, posing as Chesbrough and agreeing to the terms. They arranged to meet at a nearby location and when Stewart showed up, police searched her car, found the pills and arrested her.

Authorities say Stewart was shocked when they broke the news of Chesbrough's death.

"She did end up finding out that the male who she thought she was communicating with had in fact died, and needless to say, she was pretty surprised," Ramos said.

Deputies say Stewart was on probation at the time of her arrest. She now faces felony drug charges.

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