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DCCC Tries To Re-stoke Boehner "small Price" Controversy

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent supporters an e-mail Tuesday criticizing House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) for his "small price" comment last week about the war in Iraq's cost in dollars and lives.

The campaign committee encourages its supporters to sign a petition linked in the e-mail demanding that Boehner apologize for his remarks, which were largely overlooked despite multiple Democratic attacks.

"The loss of a single American is NEVER a small price," DCCC Executive Director Brian Wolff wrote in an e-mail Tuesday. "Join our call in demanding Congressman Boehner apologize to our men and women in combat and their families for his insensitive and hurtful comments."

Boehner made the "small price" comment last week on CNN during an interview from Iraq in response to a question about how long Americans will allow the U.S. to conduct a war that costs taxpayers $2 to $3 billion a week and an even greater toll in lives.

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