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D.C. Schools Get Their 15 Minutes

The Crypt's been watching the debate with our former colleague, Washington City Paper's Loose Lips, who's been following the day-to-day adventures of D.C.'s schools chief Michelle Rhee as closely as anybody.

Rhee came in for some heavy praise from both candidates. Barack Obama had earlier highlighted his support of charter schools as an example of his own-party-bucking, and later cited the reformer Rhee as an example of someone pushing for change. John McCain quickly said that Rhee also backs vouchers, challenging Obama. He responded by saying that she supports charter schools -- implying that she does not support vouchers.

So, does she?

Despite the national dispute we just witnessed, vouchers are not a live political issue here in D.C., and even LL isn't sure if Rhee is for or against them. Rhee's flak, Dena Iverson, couldn't give him an immediate answer. When she gets back to LL, we'll update here who was right, Obama or McCain. It's worth bearing in mind, though, that whichever candidate was wrong knew just as much as Rhee's own spokeswoman.

We can venture an educated guess, though, that she will say she supports vouchers. She has previously said, notes LL, that she prefers McCain's education plan. And her boss, Mayor Adrian Fenty (praised by Obama), backs vouchers.