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D.C. Ranked America's Fittest City

Washington, D.C., tops the American College of Sports Medicine's new list of America's fittest cities.

The list is based on personal factors - including the percentage of residents who smoke, are obese, get regular physical activity, eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and have conditions such as diabetes and heart disease - and on local resources, such as parks, farmers' markets, number of primary health care providers, and crime rates.

Data came from sources including the CDC, Census Bureau, Department of Agriculture, and the nonprofit Trust for the Public Land.

Here is how the cities ranked:

  1. Washington, D.C.

  2. Minneapolis-St. Paul

  3. Denver

  4. Boston

  5. San Francisco

  6. Seattle

  7. Portland

  8. San Diego

  9. Austin, Texas

  10. Virginia Beach, Va.

  11. Hartford, Conn.

  12. Sacramento, Calif.

  13. San Jose, Calif.

  14. Cincinnati

  15. Atlanta

  16. Pittsburgh

  17. Milwaukee, Wis.

  18. Buffalo, N.Y.

  19. Baltimore

  20. Raleigh, N.C.

  21. Kansas City, Mo./Kan.

  22. New York

  23. Tampa, Fla.

  24. Cleveland

  25. Chicago

  26. Nashville, Tenn.

  27. Philadelphia

  28. Jacksonville, Fla.

  29. Columbus, Ohio

  30. Los Angeles

  31. Miami

  32. Phoenix

  33. St. Louis

  34. Charlotte, N.C.

  35. Dallas

  36. Indianapolis

  37. Memphis, Tenn.

  38. Louisville, Ky.

  39. San Antonio

  40. Riverside, Calif.

  41. Houston

  42. Las Vegas

  43. Birmingham, Ala.

  44. Detroit

  45. Oklahoma City, Okla.

Five cities - Orlando, Fla; Providence, R.I; Richmond, Va; Rochester, N.Y.; and Salt Lake City, Utah - weren't rated because of a lack of community/environmental data.
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