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DC and Marvel unite forces in the Situation Room picture

quackdamnyou Tumblr

(CBS/What's Trending) - Look closely at this picture. Does it look vaguely familiar?Maybe it's because it's a great photoshop rendering of the viral Situation Room picture taken when President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and members of the national security team awaited confirmation of bin Laden's death.

We applaud the creator's choice of showing DC and Marvel -- and Image Comics for you Spawn fans -- united in this great time in U.S. history. We also like the choice of Barack Obama being depicted as Captain America, although he was always more of a Superman-type character to us. Also, Audrey Tomason is way more X-23 than Bat Girl. Seriously.

Here's the original so you can compare notes.
President Barack Obama along with with members of the national security team AP Photo/The White House, Pete Souza