"Days of Rage" with no end in sight for Middle East

JERUSALEM -- Israel is putting up new security barriers to stop gun and knife attacks by Palestinians.

The country's on edge after weeks of violence.

It was murder at random last night at a bus station. The attacker and an Israeli soldier were killed as was an innocent African immigrant named Haftom Zarhum who was in Israel looking for work.

Gruesome violence breaks out in "Day of Rage"

Soldiers mistook him for an attacker and shot him, then he was beaten by Israelis who thought he was a terrorist. He later died at a hospital.

Palestinians are calling this their "Days of Rage " -- three weeks of ongoing knife and gun attacks like this one in a Tel Aviv suburb last week.

Attackers can move with ease since Palestinian and Israeli areas are often side-by-side.

Israeli Nava Segev's balcony overlooks a Palestinian neighborhood. Being so close sometimes makes her home a target.

Israeli police have just divided the two areas with concrete barriers. But that hasn't calmed Nava Segev's fraying nerves.

"We live in a feeling that every moment something can happen, and that is a terrible thing," Segev said.

In the same area, but on the Palestinian side -- lives Hossein Daoud -- a retired school administrator. He believes the Palestinian attackers are lone wolves.

"I don't think they have leaders -- I think this is something individual," Daoud said.

No one can say exactly what triggered the violence. It may have been about the mosque here in the old city of Jerusalem and unfounded rumors that the Israelis were going to expand access to Jews and limit how Muslims could use it.

Violence continues, and innocent people are dying with no end in sight.