Dayna Kempson-Schacht Video

Dayna Kempson-Schacht video

Blogs are buzzing with news of graphic cell phone video taken at the scene of a deadly car accident on July 17, 2009. The video was taken by an unknown first responder and contains graphic images of 23-year-old Ga. woman Dayna Kempson-Schacht .

The video was shared among firefighters and at a local bar before making its way online, where it went viral. Two-and-a-half months after Dayna's death, the video was brought to the attention of her parents who say they cannot get the gruesome images out of their heads.

Surprisingly, investigators say they don't believe any laws were broken in the filming and sharing of the video.

Jeff Glor spoke with Dayna Kempson-Schacht's parents on "The Early Show."