David Mitchell, accused Central Park rapist has a violent alter-ego named "Johnny," half-brother says

David Albert Mitchell
David Albert Mitchell

(CBS) NEW YORK - The half-brother of the man accused of raping and beating an elderly woman in New York City's Central Park last week tells the New York Daily News that David Mitchell has an evil alter-ego named "Johnny."

From his rural home in Jenkinjones, W.V., Joe Mitchell, 43, reportedly told the newspaper that he first saw his 42-year-old half-brother's alter-ego emerge 20 years ago when he says Mitchell beat him with a brick, breaking his back.

The Associated Press reports that neighbors of David Mitchell were so scared of him that they bought guns to protect themselves.

The Daily News also quotes Rene Bolen, 40, a Jenkinjones resident who says she went to elementary school with the man accused of attacking a 73-year-old birdwatcher: "I'm scared to death of him," said Bolen.

Joe Mitchell told the newspaper that David Mitchell grew up with 12 brothers and sisters in a run-down home in the impoverished Appalachian community. Joe Mitchell also said that David's wheelchair-bound mother had a violent alter ego similar to his.

Joe Mitchell told the paper he hadn't spoken to his brother in several months.

"Him being my brother, I know he needs help but if he gets out he's just going to do it again," Joe Mitchell told the Daily News. "The rage is going to get worse."

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