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David Hartley Search: Texas Gov. "Disheartened" By U.S. Response in Alleged Mexico Shooting

David Hartley Update: Texas Gov "Disheartened" By Fed. Officials' Response
David Michael Hartley, right, believed shot by Mexican pirates on Falcon Lake. (Personal Photo) Personal Photo

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (CBS/AP) Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he's adamant about finding the body of missing American David Hartley, whose wife insists he was shot to death by pirates near the U.S.-Mexican border nearly two weeks ago.

But a Mexican sheriff says Hartley's family must be prepared for the possibility that his body may never be seen again.

PICTURES: Tiffany and David Hartley

Perry spoke Monday with Tiffany Hartley, David's wife, regarding the search for her husband, and said he's disheartened that she has not heard from federal U.S. officials.

"She's very frustrated and appropriately so," Perry told reporters after speaking to an economic development summit. "She's not had a call from Secretary of State (Hillary) Clinton, she's not heard from the administration. And I find that really disheartening."

David Hartley was reported missing Sept. 30 after his wife Tiffany, of Milliken, Colorado, claimed gunmen in three speedboats approached her and her husband and opened fire on the couple as they were snapping pictures of a Mexican relic from Falcon Lake, located about 60 miles from Laredo.

Tiffany Hartley was not hurt, and reportedly tried circling back to pull her husband from the water, but said she she was forced to speed away to U.S. waters after the gunmen opened fire again.

Mexican authorities have named two brothers as suspects in the case.

The sheriff told a reporter Tuesday authorities may not be able to find 30-year-old David Hartley.

"It's a possibility and the family's aware that there may not be a body," Gonzalez told The Associated Press. "The family's been made aware of those possibilities."

Bob Young, Tiffany Hartley's father, said his daughter believes the U.S. government could be doing more.

"She doesn't really expect President Obama or (Sec.) Clinton to give her a personal call, but she's wondering why the federal government isn't doing more," he said from his home in La Salle, Colo. "They could be putting pressure on Mexico to bring this matter to a close because they know the right people. ...We're hoping that they would take interest in it."

Perry did not receive a call from President Calderon as he requested last week, but did say their offices were communicating. The Mexican government has been highly scrutinized in their response to the alleged shooting on Falcon Lake, but has stepped up its search efforts for David Hartley's body following Perry's request.