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David Evangelista's Winter Beauty Tips

The winter months are right around the corner, and we're all getting ready to winterize out wardrobe, homes and even cars. But many people forget that those cold winds can be very damaging to our skin and hair.

Stylist to the stars and Early Show beauty contributor David Evangelista has tips so everyone can still look good despite the cold air outside and the dry heat inside.


  • Use a thick, rich, moisturizing conditioner with that is made for your hair type. Some of the ultra-hydrating products can be too heavy for thin hair.
  • Don't be afraid though of products that claim extra moisture. Many have been reformulated so the product doesn't weigh down your hair, even if it is fine.
  • Limit your use of the blow dryer. You can still style your hair effectively with a towel. Blot about 20 percent of the moisture out of your hair and then use heat. Stop as soon as your hair is dry.

    Thick or Curly Hair

  • If you have thick or curly African-American hair, or heavy Asian hair, you need a deep treatment you leave on for about a half-hour, once or twice a week.
  • Because these hair types hold oil at the roots, don't condition the area closest to the scalp.

    Thin or Fine Hair

  • Avoid deep conditioning treatments. Just use a regular conditioner every time you wash your hair. Supplement conditioning with a light leave-in spray conditioner.

    Repair Your Hair

  • Supplement your daily routine with hair masks, hair serums and oils to lock moisture in.
  • Use natural treatments like vegetable or olive oil. Put a few drops in the palm of you had and rub in until the skin glistens. Then work the oil into your hair, starting from the bottom. This works for really dry hair. Use between washings or after you dry your hair — even after you come in from the cold.

    Styling Products:

  • Substitute a hair cream for gel.
  • Avoid styling products with high alcohol content; they will make your hair feel drier. Look for alcohol-free products.


  • Use a humidifier in the bedroom or living room once the relative humidity inside drops below 60 percent. Remember to clean your humidifier to avoid bacterial buildup.
  • Don't overheat your home. Excessive heat draws moisture out of the skin.
  • Avoid sleeping with an electric blanket.
  • Don't take hot showers. Take a lukewarm shower instead, then pat your skin dry with a towel and apply a moisturizer within three minutes of stepping out of the shower to lock in moisture.
  • Don't use shower gel in the winter. Shower gels have high alcohol content and will dry your skin. Deodorant soaps may also be too harsh. Use a mild soap that is fragrance-free or contains moisturizing ingredients. Try Dove bar soap for sensitive skin, Oil of Olay bar soap with shea butter, Aveeno body wash, Kneipp moisturizing body wash and St. Ives mineral therapy body wash.
  • Condition your skin with in-shower body lotions. Use these immediately after you have cleansed with your soap or body wash. They will lock in moisture. Rinse off and pat dry.
  • Try Crabtree And Evelyn in-shower moisturizer with olive, avocado, and basil, Oil of Olay moisturinse and Caress in-shower lotion with shea butter.
  • Constantly moisturize. Apply lotion after you wash your hands and moisturize skin again before you go to bed. Wear light cotton socks and gloves after applying lotion or cream for very dry, cracked skin.


  • Try Skin Effects By Dr. Jeffrey Dover lightweight moisturizing Soufflé, Laboratoire Remede alchemy premium night cream, Decleor rich cream, Terry crème, hydra-resource hydra-replenishing cream, Olay Active Hydrating Cream, Prescriptives intensive rebuilding moisturizer, Aveeno ultra-calming moisturizing cream, Lancôme Paris absolute eye, L'Oreal active daily moisture lotion and Decleor meltingly soft nourishing cream.
  • Switch your facial cleanser. Gels will dry our your skin, so look for something that's creamier like Neutrogena deep clean cream cleanser, Dove deep moisture creamy facial cleanser and Ole Henriksen apricot cleansing lotion.
  • Use masks that not only remove impurities but also replenish moisture.
  • Try Model Co. Face lift hydrating face and neck mask, SK-II facial treatment mask, Biore self heating mask, Labs Eries for men instant moisture mask, Shiseido eye treatment mask, Darphin masque hydrant, Au kiwi hydrating kiwi mask and Cornelia thermal energizing masque.


  • Many people constantly wash their hands to prevent colds and flu this season.
  • Make sure to moisturize with lotions like, Neutrogena hand cream, intense relief hand cream from Aveeno, Mario Badescu hand cream and Bliss glove gel and gloves.


  • Take care of your feet; they can become very dry and cracked in the winter months.
  • Use products such as Skin deep dry leg oil, Weleda foot balm and Crabtree and Evelyn extreme foot therapy. Also try Bliss sock salve with softening socks. Apply the balm and then put on the socks.


  • Make sure to moisturize your body, especially your elbows and knees. Shea butter is a great ingredient. Also look for lotions or creams with any of the following ingredients: petrolatum, mineral oil, linoleic acid, ceramides, dimethicone, or glycerin.
  • Try products like Lancôme absolute body replenishing body cream, Archipelago pomegranate body butter for the skin, Bliss body butter, maximum moisture cream, Mario Bedescu, super rich olive body lotion, Jergins shea butter cream, St. Ives mineral therapy, formulated with potassium for maximum moisture, Vaseline, coca butter deep conditioning rich hydrating lotion, Stallex hand and body moisturizer and Dove regenerating night lotion with soothing honey and micro-pearls of shea butter.


  • Use cuticle crèmes and oils to keep your hands looking nice and well-conditioned. This will prevent your nails from splitting and hangnails. Try Essie cuticle oil pen and Sparitual cuti-quench crème.