David Copperfield Used Magic Hands on Woman, Says Suit

Photo: World-famous magician David Copperfield is being sued for sexual assault.

SEATTLE (CBS/AP) David Copperfield's magic hands are used for more than just cheap tricks, says a former beauty queen who stayed at his private island in the Bahamas and is now suing the world famous magician.

Perhaps he should be called David "Cop-a-Feel" if the allegations of the federal lawsuit are true.

Copperfield's lawyers Angelo Calfo and Patty Eakes deny the allegations and say the lawsuit is "extortion for money, plain and simple."

The Seattle Times described the alleged victim as a 22-year-old fashion model and former Miss Washington USA contestant. She says she met Copperfield during a January 2007 performance in Kennewick and that year she was invited to his private island, according to the paper.

"An unidentified woman has made serious allegations against David Copperfield," David Chesnoff, another lawyer for the magician told the Times. "Although authorities have not revealed her identity to us, we know these allegations are false because David Copperfield has never forced himself on anyone."

The Times says the lawsuit was filed July 29 in federal court in Seattle against David Seth Kotkin, Copperfield's given name. The suit just made the deadline for a two-year statute of limitations.