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David Cameron Gets Congratulatory Call From Obama

British opposition Conservative Party leader David Cameron and British actor Sir Michael Caine attend the launch of the Conservative's new National Citizen Service policy, in London, on Thursday April 8, 2010.<br><br><a href="" class="linkIcon photo"><b> Photos: Michael Caine</b></a> AP

New British Prime Minister David Cameron today received a congratulatory phone call from President Obama, who stressed that the "special relationship" between the United States and Britain had not changed.

Mr. Obama also lauded outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Brown for his "strong leadership during challenging times."Here's the readout from the White House:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Today, I was pleased to call David Cameron to extend my personal congratulations for the successful campaign that he ran and for becoming the new British Prime Minister. As I told the Prime Minister, the United States has no closer friend and ally than the United Kingdom, and I reiterated my deep and personal commitment to the special relationship between our two countries - a bond that has endured for generations and across party lines, and that is essential to the security and prosperity of our two countries, and the world. I look forward to meeting with the Prime Minister at the G8/G20 meetings in June, and Michelle and I invited Prime Minister Cameron and his wife Samantha to visit Washington this summer.

I also send my best wishes to Gordon Brown, and thank him for his friendship and his distinguished service as Prime Minister. He provided strong leadership during challenging times, and I have been grateful for his partnership. This historic election has been closely followed by the American people, and I have no doubt that the ties between our two countries will continue to thrive in the years to come.

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