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Dave's Rocky Mountain High

Despite its reputation as a ritzy winter ski resort, there are thousands of everyday folks who flock to Aspen every summer to enjoy the Rocky Mountain scenery — without the snow.

Whether you like riding, hiking, biking or rafting, there are activities for every level of expertise, locals say. Equally as appealing are the quiet nooks and crannies and incredible flora and fauna you can find while taking a simple walk.

"I love the mountains and the fresh air up here, and all the sounds and all the birds and the water and just nature. Most people are awed by just how beautiful it is and by the scenery and just how amazing it is up here," said Sydney Horowitz, a trail guide with Maroon Bell outfitters.

The Early Show's Dave Price did some white-knuckle white water rafting when he visited town and he found the whole experience to be breathtaking.

His guide, Mike Lewis, explained he prefers riding the rapids to a more conventional job.

"Well, it beats an office job," he told Price. "I don't have to sit at a desk every day. Every day's different. Anybody can do this. We have different sections of river that anybody can raft on, from quiet water for little kids and grandparents to more advanced stuff like this class four and class five is for the thrill-seekers, and it's constant adrenaline there."

And once you're finished being active, summertime Aspen has one more delightful option: the sound of music.

This year's Aspen Music Festival started June 21 and ends Sunday. Over the two months of the festival, dozens of acts — some famous, some more obscure — perform at venues around town, including a tent set up on the school grounds.

World-renowned musicians, like violinist Joshua Bell, make sure that Aspen is a stop on their summer tours.

"Just being around something as solid as these mountains and then getting away on hikes, you know, up into the mountains or through the creeks. It calms me down, and I need that, definitely," Bell told Price.

He'll return to Aspen "as long as they keep inviting me to come perform. Even if they don't invite me, I'll probably come here just to listen to some concerts and do some hiking. It's my favorite place in the summer."

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