Dave's Primetime Winner

During the week of Feb. 14, Dave Price popped up on your favorite CBS prime-time programs and you were asked to find him.

The big winner of the Where in Primetime Is Dave Price? challenge is Kathleen Patton of Westwood, Mass. She is married and the mother of a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old. She told him, by remote on The Early Show Thursday, Feb. 24, that she watched all of Dave's primetime appearances, except one.

Did she have a favorite performance? "I always love a man in uniform, Dave, so 'JAG' was my favorite," she replied.

And where would she like to go to do the weather with Dave? "We're thinking some place out west, maybe Seattle or Portland."

And Dave is all for that! "Seattle and Portland are terrific. We can go have coffee. We can go get some umbrellas and sit comfortably in the rain," he said, waxing poetic. "The beautiful mountains in that area and the people in Seattle and Portland are some of the nicest people in the country."

When are they going? Stay tuned!

Did anyone else catch Dave in primetime last week? He doesn't know how you could have missed him, but in case you did, here is a recap:

On Monday, putting people "out" was his specialty as an anesthesiologist on the comedy series "Listen Up."

In "NCIS," he "elevated" his weatherman profile in an elevator! That was Tuesday.

Dave was a busy shopper, with Leah Remini right behind him, on Wednesday's "King of Queens."

On Thursday, he attended his very first press conference as a print reporter and then disappeared "Without a Trace," and by the time Friday rolled around, he made it into the Navy as a "JAG" lieutenant admiral.

The name of the winner (Patton) was drawn from all the correct responses submitted. As the lucky winner, Patton gets to fly to her choice of 25 U.S. cities to do the weather with Dave.

from Saturday, Feb. 19, on The Early Show. Dave took to the high seas on "JAG," and showed everyone how he looks as a blonde.

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Feb. 18, on The Early Show: Dave showed a clip of the filming of his appearance on "Without A Trace," and had this advice for those trying to break into the business: If you're an extra in a big-time Hollywood production, do not go on the soundstage with your phone on.

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, Feb. 17, on The Early Show: Dave showed a clip of his appearance on a hit CBS sitcom, featuring his delivery of a single line: "Thanks a lot." Riveting? Not really.

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, Feb. 16, on The Early Show: Dave showed a clip of his appearance on "NCIS," playing a role he knows quite well: a meteorologist. In his scene, he explained how Groundhog Day works to Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly.

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, Feb. 15, on The Early Show: Dave played an anesthesiologist on Jason Alexander's prime-time sitcom.