Dave Swaps TV For Dentistry For A Day

Some patients didn't know it, but their "dentist" bit off more than he could chew on a recent day.

The Early Show weatherman and features reporter Dave Price swapped jobs with his girlfriend, New York cosmetic dentist Dr. Nancy Rosen, as the series "Trading Places" continued.

It has all The Early Show's co-anchors exchanging jobs for a day with their significant others.

In turn, Rosen hosted an Early Show weather segment Thursday.

Rosen has appeared numerous times on the show as a dental expert in real segments. She also has counted Harry Smith and Rene Syler among her patients.

Price readily admitted he found "doing" Nancy's job to be "like pulling teeth."

He kidded that Nancy would be doing paperwork all day, while he carried the patient load.

His first patient immediately spotted the lettering on his lab coat that read, "I am not a dentist."

"In fact," Dave told her, "I'm not even a meteorologist!"

She was complaining of a toothache and Dave could only offer moral support when the patient wouldn't let him touch her and demanded to see Rosen.

"Let make a few notes on here, and charge you a relatively exorbitant rate of money!" he told her.

Rosen said: "Three people ran out of the room when they saw Dave. He tried his hardest to make them comfortable, but they were very, very nervous."

"I think," Price remarked, "one of the things you have to do is instill a sense of confidence, and I did that," by telling one patient, "Even though I'm not a dentist, I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night."

Asked by another patient if he knew how to use a drill, Price responded, "Well, I did take some shop in high school."

He gave that patient what he called "good news," that the patient "is paid up in full."