Dave "Surprised" Before Springing Surprise

All week long, Dave Price has been knocking on the doors of families chosen as finalists in The Early Show's "Singing Family Face Off" competition, surprising them with the word that they'd been chosen.

Thursday was different -- because the features reporter and weather anchor found something -- unexpected -- waiting for him at the home of the fourth finalists to be announced, the Peays, four brothers from Greensboro. N.C.

Standing there, famous sign in hand, was Dave Sayer, the guy who also knocks on doors of homes, telling people they've won $5,000 a week from Publishers Clearing House.

Sayer was supposedly "rehearsing" for an upcoming notification.

And both Daves had a (mock) verbal set-to about who had the right to be there!

Finally, the Daves "settled" things with Sayer agreeing to join Price as he knocked on the Peays' door.

When the Peays emerged, one screaming with joy, Price broke the news everybody was wise to, anyhow: "You didn't win the Publishers Clearing House. That was all a little scam!"

But what's not a scam is the choice of the Peays for the finals of the "Face Off."

Taimine, Katif, Magid and Solomon Peay often sing a cappella, with their mom, Joyce Peay, behind them all the way.

Whether in church or at local 4-H gatherings, the Peay brothers have sung, together and often, most of their lives.

Joyce acts as their manager. Their father passed away when they were younger, but remains a big influence in their music.

Though they've grown older, the group continues to come together as often as every Sunday to perform at various local churches.

Magid, who sings base, is the eldest, recently married and is a new dad, to baby Naomi.

Katif, who sings first tenor, is studying for a Ph.D. at North Carolina A & T, where his youngest brother, Solomon, is a sophomore. Solomon is the group's songwriter and lead singer.

Taimine, the second tenor, has done much of the talking and scheduling for the group. He's also their drummer, when they go non-a capella!

Solomon, Katif and Tiamine all live in the family home in Greensboro. Magid, who sings base, lives nearby with his family, also in Greensboro.

The brothers were raised in the town of Roland, N.C., on the northeastern border with South Carolina. The boys remember growing up near and playing at "South of the Border," the Interstate 95 icon for fireworks sales and "Pedroland." A drive to Florida from the Northeast isn't complete without making the stop.

Joyce recently moved back to Roland, though the boys have been trying to coax her to stay closer to them.

Katif says, "We're singing in church every Sunday. We have several churches. We work with several youth choirs."

"Being the baby brother -- let's just say I have a bunch of -- teachers!" Solomon observed.

"A lot of groups fall off because of simple things," Taimine points out. " ... It makes it a lot easier being brothers," adding, "Mom is the thread that holds it all together. She's the one."

"If not for her," Katif agreed, "we probably wouldn't be singing."

Says Joyce, "I am proud of them, because they are living the life that they sing."

"I would hope everyone would see the love we have for each other and how our family just gets along," Katif adds.

Says Taimine, "I tell you, there's no one else I'd rather sing with."

Magid summed it all up by noting, "It's really is all about family."

The Early Show searched for months, going through hundreds of videos submitted by family bands, then narrowed the field to six finalists.

Each weekday morning from Feb. 16 through Feb. 23, Price will be surprising the six family finalists with the big news, live on The Early Show.

On Wednesday, Feb. 25, the competition begins with live performances in The Early Show studio. Vote for your favorite online each week! The winning family will be announced April 1.

At stake: a deal with CBS Records!